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Opis obrazka, a w nim ważne słowa kluczowe
The Amazons Women's Motorcycle Club (Amazons WMC, Inc.) is a non-profit, woman-only motorcycle club based in North America. Membership is open to ALL women regardless of age, race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation or brand of street-legal motorcycle. We welcome and take pride in the diversity among our Sisters. Our purpose is to provide support and encouragement and promote and foster friendships between and among women motorcyclists.

The Amazons WMC, Inc. first and foremost belief is that of true Sisterhood. The Sisters of this group have sworn allegiance to one another and promise to treat each and every Sister with respect, as well as abide by the Six Principles of the Sisterhood and honor our bylaws. This is a Club of free association and we expect each Prospect and Full & True Sister to be a regular and active participant in the Club. .










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